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 Property Valuation

For ASPIS Real Estate, property valuation is a particularly complex and responsible task and consitutes a useful tool for the purchase or sale of a property, for loan purposes, lease renewal, investment planning, or for facilitating real estate divisions. Aspis Real Estate works with reliable and experienced valuators and Chartered Surveyors to draft valuation reports, aiming at providing optimum information to each interested party before any decision- making (e.g. for purchase, sale, lease, legal disputes etc.).

 Legal Support

With extensive experience and specialization in Property Law since 2003, ASPIS Real Estate, through its Legal Service Department, can support its customers on legal and tax issues by providing information and solutions, as well as comprehensive consultation on the process of purchase, sale and lease of property.

 Technical Services

In collaboration with Civil Engineers and Architects, ASPIS Real Estate undertakes to carry out site inspections, check property status with the urban planning authorities, issue of certificates, regularize any property- related legal irregularities and obtain permits, thus helping its customers comply with all legal requirements.

 Financing Services

ASPIS Real Estate branches collaborate with certified loan consultants who act as intermediaries in the process of securing bank loans for the repair, completion and purchase of residences or plots, enabling prospective borrowers to have access to and receive information and advice on banking products and credit facilities, at all stages from negotiation and submission of the application, to disbursement. ASPIS Real Estate always seeks to secure financing that best suits its customers’ needs.